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Nordhorn-Optik was founded as Nordhorn-Optik E. u. H. Fritze partnership in Nordhorn in 1948. This formed a continuation under the names of Editha und Herbert Fritze of the company originally founded by the Ritter family in the central Germany opticians town of Rathenow. From 1948 up to this day many valuable practical experiences in the manufacturing and finishing of optical lenses have been collected.

Mr Herbert Fritze built a completely new factory in order to be able to produce special high quality lenses with modern equipment. Nordhorn-Optik exclusively delivered to optical wholesalers throughout Germany as well as to the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria for the first 20 years of the company's history. Then the intermediate stage of wholesalers as a distribution channel in the sector of optical lenses broke away. Direct sales to the opticians increased rapidly in the seventies.

Nordhorn-Optik has been in direct contact with their clientele, or rather the opticians through their field service for more than 20 years. Through visits in the field service and word of mouth Nordhorn became known as a source of good quality optical lenses at lower prices. The demand for optical lenses "made in Nordhorn" increased continually and so Mr Herbert Fritze's two daughters and son-in-law joined the company in the sixties. Mrs Regine Fritze, Mrs Renate and Mr Arnold Wegbünder have been continuing the family tradition of Nordhon-Optik up to this day.

Mr Herbert Fritze died at the age of 81 in 1995.

In 1996, H. Fritze partnership was renamed Nordhorn-Optik plc.

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