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Being able to see should not be taken for granted. In our everyday lives we are not conscious of seeing as a sensory activity: we see ourselves in the mirror first thing in the morning, read the newspaper, watch the children play, get an idea of the latest fashion trends while window-shopping, and comfortably watching television in the evenings. Only with our eyes can we get our bearings and move around freely. Whether travelling on foot, by car or by bicycle, it is essential to have accurate vision, especially in traffic. Thanks to your eyes you can enjoy the beautiful images of nature or exchange meaningful glances with your fellow human beings. Good eyesight is an indispensable tool in accomplishing our daily work and duties. Only when there is a defect in our vision do we become conscious of visual comfort and the need to be able to see properly in all situations: as a sufferer you become aware of your defective vision when you can read the paper only with great difficulty, or when you recognise people in the street more slowly than previously; you move your seat closer to the television set to see the pictures on the news... Such things lead you to visit the optician - and generally you wait too long to do this, as you have been able to manage without glasses so far. Are you now interested in a new pair of glasses, or do you already have them?

In either case you need to know about us and our services.

Clarity is our guarantee.
We manufacture optical lenses for you at our lab in Nordhorn. We take full control of the manufacture of the optic lenses for your new spectacles. Make an appointment with an optician you trust. He can then order your new lenses from us in Nordhorn. Place your trust in a family business with a more than fifty year long tradition. We guarantee to help improve your eyesight.

Sharp eyes you can trust.
We always manufacture prescription lenses specially for you: your order is dealt with individually and personally. You can rely on our optical know-how. The production process is state-of-the-art and uses modern High Tech equipment. So you get guaranteed high quality lenses from us. And please note that we can manufacture almost any type of spectacle lens in a variety of strengths. Choose from numerous variations amongst single vision, bifocal and multi-focal lenses. In addition you can have tinting, hard coating, anti-reflection coating or a clean-coat finish. We welcome your interest in our company and its optical products, and can supply an information datasheet about lenses so you can learn more about us.

Sharp looks to treat yourself to.
On our website you will find detailed information regarding the right choice for new lenses and caring for them, as well as advice about the purchase of your next pair of spectacles. If required, you can familiarise yourself with optical terms using our optical dictionary. Please note that you can buy our lenses only through specialist dealers. You will easily find a local optician who can advise you regarding Nordhorn-Optik lenses.


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