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A view of the anti-reflection coating department at Nordhon-Optik.
In the front you can see a technician applying the anti-reflective coating on organic lenses. At the back of the department you can see different anti-reflection coatings and steam baths processes taking place for mineral lenses
The organic lenses are degassed in the temperate oven with the help of heat overnight. They must prepared for the anti-reflective coating in this way. The heat treatment of the organic lenses ensures a better durability of the anti-reflective coating and a better vacuum in the anti-reflective coating machine is maintained. A successful anti-reflective coating process relies on the vacuum.
Mainly organic lenses are given their anti-reflective coating in these two machines manufactured by Satis.
In a high vacuum using different substances every single layer is applied onto the surface of the lens. The different anti-reflection effects are achieved by using a certain number and composition of coatings. That way you can obtain Filter-, Multi- or Super-AR.
After the anti-reflection coating process
each lens is checked.
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